Administrative Fees

As of 1 February 2017, applicants pay an administrative fee in accordance with the Regulation on the Administrative Fee Tariff (Official Gazette, No. 8/17 , 37/17 and 129/17 - in Croatian). The tariffs for procedures conducted by HALMED are specified under tariff number 47, along with which tariff number 1, tariff number 2, paragraph 2 and tariff number 4 are applied.

Please note that the administrative fee under tariff number 47 (175 HRK) applies only to applications, and the administrative fee is also charged for decisions issued by HALMED (tariff number 2, paragraph 2 - 50 HRK). Therefore for procedures resulting in issuing of decisions of HALMED the administrative fee is 225 HRK.

The administrative fee is paid in favour of the State Treasury.

Payment details are:
IBAN CODE: HR12 1001 0051 8630 00160

64 5002-47107-VAT number

The application and the supporting documents to be delivered to the Agency for Medicinal Products and Medical Devices have to be accompanied by a proof of payment.