Medicinal Products

Scientific and Regulatory Support for Innovation Development

Scientific and technological progress implemented in the development of medicines brings about new challenges for the regulatory system. Therefore, HALMED joined the EU Innovation Network (EU-IN), which represents a platform for national competent authorities and the European Medicines Agency (EMA) to exchange information on development of innovations regarding medicinal products and medical devices, and aims to provide scientific and regulatory support in order to help as many innovative projects as possible to fulfil quality, efficacy and safety requirements and to become available to patients.

HALMED’s Innovation Office aims to use scientific advice to provide regulatory support to academic institutions, small and medium enterprises and other research institutions developing innovative medicinal products and medical devices. A request to HALMED’s Innovation Office may be sent by submitting a scientific advice request form to The form should indicate that it concerns an innovation and should state the type of innovation. This can be done by marking "Ostalo” in the field "Podru─Źje zahtjeva”, adding "Inovacija” and briefly describing the type of innovation. If required, requests submitted to HALMED’s Innovation Office may be forwarded to the EU Innovation Network for consideration.

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