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HR Presidency of the EU Council 2020

The Republic of Croatia presides over the Council of the European Union (HR PRES 2020) from 1 January to 30 June 2020.

During the Presidency, Croatia represents the Council of the European Union towards the other EU institutions, with the main task being to plan and to conduct meetings in the Council and its preparatory bodies, in order to reach an agreement and coordination of mutual interests and harmonized actions.

Together with Romania and Finland, Croatia is a part of "the trio”, a three-member group of countries which preside over the Council in succession and co-operate closely in order to ensure the continuity of the Council’s work.

All activities related to the preparation and implementation of HR PRES 2020 are coordinated by the Secretariat of the EU Presidency of the Republic of Croatia at the Ministry of Foreign and European Affairs. The Croatian Presidency is conducted according to the "Brussels-based” model, according to which a large number of meetings at various levels will be held in Brussels, while meetings and conferences at ministerial level, technical meetings and summit of EU leaders will be held in Croatia.

During the Croatian Presidency, HALMED will host seven meetings regarding scientific committees and working groups, which will be held in Zagreb, Split and Dubrovnik.