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Brochure: Safe use of medicinal products

How to detect and report an adverse reaction
The role and importance of healthcare professionals

This guide is designed as an encouragement and aid to healthcare professionals when taking part in the extremely important process of continued monitoring of the safety and efficacy of medicinal products encountered in everyday life. The continued assessment of the risk-benefit ratio is a mandatory part of the process, the ultimate objective being availability of safer and more efficient medicinal products to patients.

Healthcare professionals must develop an awareness of the proportions of the problem presented by monitoring of the safety of medicinal product, since participation in such a process is their moral, professional as well as statutory obligation.

The number of adverse reactions and their fatal outcomes may be reduced by early detection of problems associated with the safe use of medicinal products, as well as by education on reasonable prescription of medicines.

This brochure is available only in Croatian language - download of the brochure