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Conference "ISPOR Warsaw 2019"

Professional Society for Health Economics and Outcomes Research (ISPOR) is organizing ISPOR Warsaw 2019 conference which will be held in Warsaw from 27 to 28 March 2019.

ISPOR Warsaw 2019 provides opportunities to engage in discussions with key health economics and outcomes reach (HEOR) stakeholders and leaders from Europe and beyond. Attendees will bring multi-stakeholder perspectives from industry, policy making, regulation, the medical profession, research, academia, and relevant national medical/health economics societies. The conference will provide educational and information-sharing opportunities, including educational symposia, meetings of the ISPOR Central and Eastern Europe Consortium and chapters from the region, exhibition, and a conference that will address health-policy issues of joint health technology assessment (HTA), procurement, and pricing in the European region.

Agency for Medicinal Products and Medical Devices of Croatia (HALMED) is one of Supporting Institution of this conference.

More information is available on ISPOR's website.

Founded in 1995, ISPOR is the leading global professional society in health economics and outcomes research (HEOR), with more than 20,000 individual and chapter members from over 120 countries. Committed to scientific and research excellence, ISPOR is strengthening the integrity, advancement, and understanding of health economics and outcomes research among researchers, health technology developers and assessors, regulators, health economists, health care policy makers, payers, providers, patients, populations, and society.