User Satisfaction

With an aim of continuously improving its services and user needs, the Agency for Medicinal Products and Medical Devices (HALMED) conducts an annual survey on satisfaction with the Agency's services, by sending a questionnaire via e-mail to its users. By completing the questionnaire, users can assess certain aspects of the HALMED's work and give their opinion and recommendations for further improvement. Based on the results of the survey, as well as numerous queries, comments and suggestions that the Agency staff receives daily via HALMED's webpages, e-mail, phone and fax, the efficiency of the Agency, as well as the level of cooperation with users, are assessed and, when necessary, improvements and harmonisation are made accordingly to achieve best practice.

In the survey carried out during May and June 2023, HALMED was highly rated by most of the participants of the survey ("excellent" and "very good").

The percentage of user satisfaction varied depending on the question, where the following aspects obtained the highest marks:

  • Politeness, courtesy, and accessibility of the HALMED staff (97,42% of participants gave excellent or very good)
  • Competency of the HALMED staff (96,39% of participants gave excellent or very good)
  • Promptness in replying to queries (95,36% gave excellent or very good)
  • Professionalism of the HALMED staff in handling complaints (94,33% participants gave excellent or very good)
  • Clarity of the HALMED staff's replies to queries (93,30% participants gave excellent or very good)
  • Procedure of handling submissions (92,27% gave excellent or very good)
  • Level of information on HALMED’s services (85,05% gave excellent or very good).

When it came to the the promptness of handling applications, 80,41% of marks were excellent and very good, whereas the quality/price ratio of HALMED’s services in 79,90% of responses was rated as excellent and very good.

Based on open questions where we requested proposals from our users for improvement of our services and proposals for additional services, as well as their opinions, recommendations and comments, we received a lot of positive feedback. A great number of users' comments praised the overall work of the Agency, highlighting the professionalism, expertise and cooperation of HALMED's employees, as well as their accessibility, promptness and willingness to provide support. The proposals for improvements received mostly related to the additional speeding up and adjustment of certain activities and services, as well as to more frequent holding of educations and workshops.

More information is available on the Croatian part of the webpage.