Mission, Vision and Values


HALMED's mission is to:

  • always be at the center of regulatory procedures for medicinal products and medical devices
  • be recognizable by the quality of its decisions and cooperation with all stakeholders
  • be a desirable employer who takes care of its employees
  • strengthen and develop its capacities in order to improve efficiency.


HALMED's vision is to establish itself as an efficient, sustainable and socially conscious regulatory body.


As it has been in the course of about fifteen years, HALMED in accordance with its values

  • strives for excellence in work, adopting best practices and continuously improving regulatory procedures for medicinal products and medical devices with the goal of protecting public health
  • is oriented towards the patient as the end user and acts in the interest of his health by timely addressing his needs
  • provides information as well as monitores and takes all measures for effective and rational pharmacotherapy and measures to reduce and eliminate possible risks associated with the use of medicinal products and medical devices
  • is open to cooperation with all stakeholders at the national, European and global level and with its activities it has contributed to the establishment of the European regulatory network
  • sets up transparent procedures and consults with interested parties, for the purpose of quality system management
  • actively follows and adopts new scientific knowledge and new technologies; those related to contemporary manufacturing, control and use of medicinal products and medical devices, as well as those of the digital age
  • encourages the development of its employees by investing in their continuing education and competence training in accordance with state-of-the-art professional standards and highest ethical principles.